What is the best way to use Bitcoin Profit?

As you can read, more and more crypto trading platforms are popping up every day with the aim of attracting the attention of investors. There are very many cryptocurrencies that can be used even with a less known profile. Many of these not so well-known names have made it into the TOP 100.
The available trading options make it possible for the investor to increase the return and thus achieve the best results. Many traders will ask themselves whether Bitcoin Profit is reputable and genuine.
Bitcoin Profit is a leading trading bot on the market that is already the focus of many investors.
The following article informs about the functions of the trading bot.


What is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit is based on advanced algorithms that analyse millions of data using the high-frequency trading method. The crypto trading bot takes over the investment decisions without human emotions coming into play. These emotions can ruin good reasoning.

Features & Functionality

###Crypto figures###

Who is behind Bitcoin Profit?

The team behind Bitcoin Profit is a mix of experienced financial traders, software developers as well as fintech experts. This creates a blend of expertise that combines the financial world and technology, Bitcoin Profit makes use of both facts and has thus created an effective and innovative software.

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Opinions about Bitcoin Profit

Immediately after I made the minimum deposit of $250, my account was loaded with this amount. Already on the second trading day, a profit of more than $600 showed up, which is confirmation for me that the bot works efficiently. Now I am looking forward to daily profits with Bitcoin Profit.

Advantages and disadvantages

Transparency: Hidden commissions and fees are not charged.
Automatic trading: the bot acts automatically, 24/7.
Deposit options: The investment can be deposited by bank transfer, VISA or even Mastercard.
Easy withdrawals: There are no restrictions that could occur during withdrawals.
Demo account: Before real money is used, especially those new to crypto trading should first practice the necessary settings with the free demo account. Once the procedure of the bot has been understood, the investor can start trading.

The software is not available in all countries.

Is Bitcoin Profit legitimate? Yes!

As our tests show, this trading bot is absolutely genuine. This can be confirmed by the many user references that can be read on the homepage. This also forms the basis for the legitimacy of the bot. In addition, Bitcoin Profit is connected to a large number of regulated brokers worldwide. After registration, the investor is connected to a broker.

How does Bitcoin Profit work?

One of the peculiarities of the financial market is that the provision of trading information is used by many when making a buy/sell decision. Bitcoin Profit is able to quickly access enormous amounts of information. In any case, the bot works much more effectively than any human being, because our ability to process data is much slower than the computing system.

What is the best way to use Bitcoin Profit?

Every investor can start trading with a minimum deposit of 250%. Especially beginners are recommended to start with a smaller investment at first and then gradually increase it. With the automatically acting trading bot, investors do not have to spend more than about half an hour a day in front of the PC. The focus should be on checking the account, but also on the settings. The investor must define these settings himself, everything else is done by the bot. The trading bot follows the market updates and places profitable trades on behalf of the investor.


Investors who sign up with Bitcoin Profit will find that the trading bot works very successfully. Through the high-frequency trading functionality, investors receive timely insights with which the returns can be optimised. This way, even beginners can benefit from it, even though they do not have extensive knowledge about crypto trading. Thus, Bitcoin Profit can be used as a tool to improve the success of current trading strategies.
Compared to other bots, Bitcoin Profit immediately recognises changes in the market. However, one should also mention the good customer service, which answers all answers and questions for investors. Bitcoin Profit can therefore be recommended without hesitation.

TA: El Bitcoin reaparece, por lo que $53.5K es la clave

El precio de Bitcoin probó la zona de soporte de $47,000 antes de comenzar una recuperación contra el dólar. BTC está mostrando signos positivos, pero podría enfrentarse a obstáculos cerca de los $53,500.

  • El Bitcoin está subiendo y está cotizando muy bien por encima del nivel de pivote de $50,000.
  • El precio está operando muy por encima de los $51,000 y de la media móvil simple de 100 horas.
  • En el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD se observa una ruptura por encima de la línea de tendencia bajista con resistencia cerca de los $51,500 (datos de Kraken).
  • Es probable que el par se recupere si hay una ruptura clara por encima de la zona de resistencia de $53,500.

El precio del Bitcoin se está recuperando

El Bitcoin volvió a caer por debajo del nivel de soporte de 48.500$. Bitcoin Billionaire llegó a caer por debajo del mínimo de $47,500 y alcanzó un nuevo mínimo de oscilación cerca de $47,000.

Los alcistas aparecieron cerca de la zona de los 47.000 dólares y el precio empezó a recuperarse de manera constante. Se produjo una ruptura por encima del nivel de resistencia de 50.000 dólares. El precio subió por encima del nivel de retroceso del 61,8% de la última caída clave desde el máximo de 51.050 dólares hasta el mínimo oscilante de 47.000 dólares.

En el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD se observa una ruptura por encima de la línea de tendencia bajista con resistencia cerca de los $51.500. El par se encuentra ahora por encima de los $51,000 y de la media móvil simple de 100 horas.

La acción del precio actual es positiva y el precio ahora está operando bien por encima de $52,000. Al alza, hay una resistencia importante cerca de los niveles de $53,200 y $53,500. El nivel de extensión de 1.618 Fib de la última caída clave desde el máximo de $51,050 hasta el mínimo de $47,000 también está cerca de $53,500.

Una ruptura exitosa y un cierre por encima del nivel de 53.500 dólares podría desencadenar un fuerte movimiento alcista. En el caso indicado, es probable que el precio supere los niveles de $54,500 y $55,000 a corto plazo.

¿Limitación de las caídas en BTC?

Si el bitcoin no logra superar los niveles de resistencia de 53.200 y 53.500 dólares, podría iniciar una corrección a la baja. Un soporte inmediato a la baja se encuentra cerca del nivel de $51,500.

El primer soporte clave se encuentra cerca del nivel de 51.000 dólares y de la media móvil simple de 100 horas. Un nuevo cierre por debajo de la media móvil simple de 100 horas abriría las puertas a una caída hacia el soporte de 48.500 dólares.

Indicadores técnicos:

MACD horario – El MACD está ganando fuerza lentamente en la zona alcista.

RSI horario (Índice de Fuerza Relativa) – El RSI para el BTC/USD está ahora muy por encima del nivel 50.

Principales niveles de soporte – $51,500, seguido de $51,000.

Principales niveles de resistencia – $53,200, $53,500 y $55,000.

Morgan Stanley plans takeover of South Korean crypto exchange

Morgan Stanley plans takeover of South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb

The bank is looking to partner with shareholder Bident to acquire the crypto exchange, according to media reports.

South Korean media reports that American bank Morgan Stanley is planning to buy into South Korea’s market-leading crypto exchange Bithumb.

According to Aju News, the bank is already negotiating a joint acquisition of the crypto exchange with Bitcoin Bank and Bident, one of Bithumb’s largest shareholders, which holds nearly 10% of Bithumb Korea’s company shares.

In turn, another article from 19 March indicates that Morgan Stanley wants to invest between 300 – 500 billion South Korean won, which is the equivalent of 254 – 441 million US dollars. The relevant report quotes an anonymous source from Bithumb’s senior management stating that „Morgan Stanley is involved in the acquisition of Bithumb“.

„The reason Morgan Stanley is going through Bident is that Bident has a pre-emptive right to buy Bithumb Holdings,“ a second source confirmed to that effect.

Cointelegraph Markets analyst Joseph Young, who broke the news on Twitter, notes that Bithumb is targeting an enterprise valuation of US$2 billion through the sale.


Morgan Stanley is reportedly bidding for Bithumb, South Korea’s top crypto and bitcoin exchange, for $2 billion valuation

Slowly, then surely.

The explosiveness of institutional interest in this space right now is unprecedented.
– Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) March 19, 2021

The latest news comes just days after Cointelegraph reported that Morgan Stanley plans to make Bitcoin available to wealthy investors through three related investment funds, according to an „internal memo“ from the bank.

Devin Ryan of US investment firm JMP Securities predicts that the influential major bank’s decision will also encourage many other financial institutions to open up access to cryptocurrencies to their clients.

„The motivation for this will be, at best, missing out on a business opportunity and, at worst, suffering business damage by customers migrating to alternative service providers,“ as Ryan explains.

Bitcoinhvaler, der multiplicerer med hurtig hastighed, knuser hele tiden, da store købere satser på BTC

Crypto-analysefirmaet Santiment afslører, at dybt lommede investorer hurtigt opsamler BTC, da antallet af Bitcoinhvaler rammer en heltidshøjde.

Firmaet siger , at antallet af hvaler, der har mindst 1.000 BTC, slog rekorder tidligere på ugen

„Bitcoins antal hvaladresser med mindst 1.000 BTC har nået et højeste niveau på 2.323 med tirsdagens marked tæt (5. januar 2021).“

Ifølge on-chain insights platformen er det voksende antal Bitcoin hvaler et positivt signal for BTCs tyremarked.

„Der er muligvis ikke en mere bemærkelsesværdig bullish måling end en, der peger på voksende indehavere med $ 33,7 mio. På linjen.“

Data fra USA-baseret kryptoudveksling Kraken bekræfter Santiments konklusioner. Kraken siger, at det voksende antal Bitcoin-hvaler såvel som flytningen af ​​flagskibs-kryptoaktivet fra børser til andre lagringsmuligheder indikerer, at flagskibs-kryptovaluta stadig har mere opadgående potentiale.

„Yderligere hvalakkumulering og udstrømning af børser midt i BTC’s parabolske stigning indikerer, at velaktiverede markedsdeltagere mener, at BTC har en inkrementel opadgående på kort sigt på trods af overgangen til ukendt farvand.“

Kraken afslører, at antallet af BTC i hvaladresser nåede en højeste tid på 11,46 millioner i 2020. Kryptovalutaudvekslingen tilføjer, at antallet af adresser, der har mere end 100 Bitcoin, steg over 16.300 – det højeste niveau siden marts 2020.

Kraken afslører også, at hvaler, der har mere end 100 Bitcoin, akkumulerede 47.500 BTC i december, da flagskibskryptovaluta trak et massivt rally.

Biden’s $3 trillion stimulus package could send Bitcoin skyrocketing

Incoming US President Joe Biden’s fiscal stimulus plan could send Bitcoin’s price exploding upwards


The incoming Biden administration’s plan to flood the US economy with trillions of dollars could trigger the next uptick in Bitcoin’s (BTC) bull market as more investors seek refuge from the US dollar.


Axios, an Arlington-based news outlet, reported on Thursday that Joe Biden has asked Congress to distribute $2,000 subsidy payments to US citizens to help counter the economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the incoming president has proposed a $3 trillion tax and infrastructure package as part of his „Build Back Better.“


Biden reiterated his call for direct assistance to citizens following Friday’s disappointing jobs report, which revealed the loss of 140,000 jobs in December:


„Economic research confirms that in conditions like today’s crisis, especially The News Spy with interest rates so low, immediate action – even with deficit financing – will help the economy.“

Taking 2020 as a benchmark, the new wave of stimulus could be another catalyst for Bitcoin, with new funds coming into the market reflected in asset prices.


Donald Trump, a Republican, has also resorted to economic stimulus. Under his leadership, the US passed a historic $2 trillion stimulus package in March. In addition, Trump signed a $900 billion measure last month, paving the way for $600 subsidy checks.


The federal government’s inflationary policies coincide with record-breaking interventions by the Federal Reserve, which has deployed trillions of dollars in 2020 to counter a liquidity crisis and keep interest rates under control.



In 2020, the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet exploded.

Although these measures have provided strong support for risk assets, a category that in the past included Bitcoin, emerging theory on BTC sees cryptocurrency playing the role of inflation hedge.


This phenomenon is not only confirmed by Bitcoin’s historical performance over the past 11 years, but also by the new wave of institutional money that is entering the market. Institutions are buying Bitcoin with a clear objective, and may one day become the „mega HODLers“ of the industry.


The narrative of Bitcoin as digital gold has been one of the main catalysts behind institutions‘ approach to the crypto asset. It has helped sustain Bitcoin’s 300% rally in 2020, doubling its price in the last three weeks. In 2021, this trend could intensify as the purchasing power of the dollar continues to erode.


Even JPMorgan Chase has acknowledged that Bitcoin is stealing some of the market share of gold, the traditional safe haven asset. On Friday, one Bitcoin was worth more than 22 ounces of gold, a new all-time high.

Bullish und Bearish Bitcoin Preis Vorhersagen für 2021

Trotz der bullischen Vorhersagen für 2021 glauben einige Experten, dass Bitcoin den Hype nicht wert ist und auf einen Rückgang zusteuern wird.

Während das Jahr zu Ende geht und Bitcoin immer neue Höchststände erreicht, haben einige Krypto-Experten ihre Preisprognosen für 2021 für das digitale Top-Asset veröffentlicht. Mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von über $501 Milliarden ist Bitcoin derzeit um 2,64% gefallen, nachdem es sein ATH erreicht hat und wird bei $2.877 gehandelt.

Laut einer Umfrage von finder.com, die abgeschlossen wurde, bevor BTC den Meilenstein von $20,000 erreichte, sind mehrere Krypto-Experten zuversichtlich, dass die Königsmünze bis Mitte 2021 weiter ansteigen wird. Genauer gesagt, 58% von 47 Experten sagten, dass die laufende Cryptosoft bis in die erste Hälfte des Jahres 2021 anhalten wird.

2021 Bitcoin Preis Vorhersagen

Darüber hinaus ergab die Umfrage, dass die Panelisten sind zuversichtlich, dass der Preis von Bitcoin würde gewachsen sein, zwei mal bis zum Ende des kommenden Jahres. Allerdings, 52% der Panelisten glauben, dass Bitcoin wird ein Scherben-Verlust nach signifikanten Anstieg im Jahr 2021.

Bei den Bitcoin-Preisvorhersagen für 2021 sagten die Umfrageteilnehmer, dass BTC einen durchschnittlichen Preis von 51.951 $ pro Token erreichen würde. Im November stellte Citibank-Analyst Tom Fitzpatrick fest, dass Bitcoin einen Preis von 318.000 $ erreichen würde.

Darüber hinaus prognostizierte der Bloomberg-Analyst Mike McGlone, dass Bitcoin bis 2022 bei $170.000 gehandelt werden würde. In einem Interview mit Bloomberg Television, sagte er:

„Die Schlüsselsache über Bitcoin in diesem Jahr ist sehr einfach – es hat einfach eine Eins vor der Zahl hinzugefügt. Erinnern Sie sich, Ende letzten Jahres lag er bei etwa $7.000. Worüber ich mir Sorgen mache- wenn man sich die vergangene Performance anschaut, die potentiell indikativ für die Zukunft ist, könnten die nächsten ein oder zwei Jahre eine Null hinten an die Zahl anhängen.“

Anfang des Jahres sagte Morgan Creek CEO Mark Yusko, dass Bitcoin im Jahr 2021 oder 2022 bei 100.000 Dollar notieren könnte. In dem Interview fügte der CEO hinzu, dass BTC auch auf 400 bis 500.000 Dollar steigen könnte.

Trotz einiger bullischer Vorhersagen glauben Kritiker, dass Bitcoin den Hype nicht wert ist und einen Niedergang erleben wird.

Am 17. Dezember sagte Andrew Ross Sorkin während seiner CNBC-Morgensendung, dass sein Kursziel für BTC bei Null liegt. Er fügte hinzu:

„Manchmal gibt es etwas, das so absurd ist, dass man kaum weiß, wo man mit der Argumentation anfangen soll.“

Bitcoin erreicht neue Allzeithochs

Nachdem Bitcoin am ersten Weihnachtsfeiertag ein neues Allzeithoch erreicht hat, hat das Top-Krypto-Asset weitere Gewinne eingefahren. Am 25. Dezember hatte sich Bitcoin seit Jahresbeginn etwa verfünffacht und die Marke von 25.000 Dollar überschritten. Etwa 24 Stunden später sprang der Preis von Bitcoin über $26.000.

Am 27. Dezember wurde Bitcoin der erste Finanzdienstleister, der eine Marktbewertung von über $500 Milliarden erreichte. BTC stieg an diesem Tag um 10% und erklomm sein jüngstes Allzeithoch von $27.806 mit 71% Marktdominanz.

Mit dem Überschreiten der $500 Milliarden Marktkapitalisierung wurde bekannt, dass Bitcoin mehrere Finanzunternehmen der Wall Street überholt hat. Die Finanzriesen umfassen MasterCard Inc (NYSE: MA), JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM), Visa Inc (NYSE: V), PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL), und mehr.

Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds €20,000 for the first time on Christmas Day

On this Christmas Day, December 25, 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) gives us a gift: for the first time it has exceeded €20,000.

Never seen since the launch of this encryption system in 2009.
Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds €20,000 for the first time on Christmas Day.
Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds $24,500 or more than 20,000 euros.

Nothing stops Bitcoin (BTC), the king of cryptomoney saw its price exceed 20 000€ several times on December 25, 2020. Since the crossing of its former ATH (All Time High), its highest price, Crypto Method does not weaken. It is even the opposite!

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More and more companies are getting into Bitcoin

The number of new companies converting a portion of their cash into bitcoin is increasing. Mogo plans to allocate 1.5% of its assets to Bitcoin, manager SkyBridge launches a Bitcoin fund, MicroStrategy announces that it has purchased $650 million in Bitcoin .

According to the Bitcoin Treasuries site, about 30 companies have invested part of their funds in Bitcoin. And these are only the companies that have communicated publicly on this subject.

The number of purchases by institutional investors (companies, specialized funds…) seems to be increasing. According to an analysis by Ki Young Ju for CryptoQuant, the number of OTC (Over The Counter) deals, which are trades made outside the traditional channels, seems to be increasing via Coinbaise.

12,006 BTCs left Coinbase a few hours ago. As I said, they went into portfolios that appear to be custody. It seems that Coinbase generates a new cold wallet for each client after an OTC deal with an institutional.

Other analyses confirm a significant withdrawal of bitcoins on Coinbase and other trading platforms. Indeed, according to the Whale Exchange Ratio on Gemini calculated by CryptoQuant, the number of whales (large owners of bitcoins stored on the Gemini exchange) seems to be decreasing, which is a rather good sign. These large fish are removing their BTCs to conserve them over the long term.

DeFi gets synthesized shares – Amazon, Facebook, Google and Co. available decentrally

Illustration of the package from the New York Stock Exchange. Bitcoin Pro too? Weekly review of the current Bitcoin News.

The exchange, supported by Binance, has integrated decentralized stock trading for the big tech companies Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The update is the result of a partnership with Terra and Band Protocol.

Injective Protocol introduces stock trading. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google will be the first stocks to be listed on the decentralized exchange. DeFi takes the first step into the traditional financial market.

Synthesized stocks on the rise

Injective, the high-speed Layer 2 derivatives exchange, integrated traditional stocks in the form of synthesized assets on Thursday. The platform is based on the Cosmos SDK.

Initially, they will enable trading for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. More shares are to be added later. This collection of stocks is colloquially known as FANG and has brought investors some of the biggest returns in recent times.

The team is working with Terra and Band Protocol for this step, with Terra offering the tokenization of stocks and Band feeding in the price data via their oracle technology.

Injective Protocol’s CEO Eric Chen announced the news:

Investing in stocks still remains inaccessible to billions of people worldwide, while the existing platforms act as gatekeepers and suffer from technical challenges. Injective helps address these salient issues seamlessly to allow anyone to trade stocks with no fees.

The update is the first product offering of its kind on a decentralized exchange.

DeFi with a jump into the traditional financial market

While leading exchange FTX has been focused on moving the industry forward, listing Airbnb ahead of Nasdaq this month, stocks have never been available within DeFi. Injective is listing the stocks on its Injective Solstice V2 network and you will be available to buy in USDT.

Injective currently offers stocks with zero gas fees. As a rule, brokers or other middlemen incur relatively high fees when trading stocks.

This development suggests that DeFi is far from finished and continues to make progress by taking over more functions from traditional financial markets.

Bitcoin klom boven $17.000 Gebied – Stieren om door te gaan naar het Key Level van 2017?

Bitcoin is impulsief en niet-vluchtig geworden na het breken van meer dan $14.000 aan sleutelweerstand. Bitcoin is na drie jaar boven de $17.000 gekomen. De stieren gaan door naar het belangrijkste weerstandsniveau van 2017? Wat zeggen de grafieken en technische indicatoren? Lees verder om meer inzicht te krijgen in de huidige BTC/USD Technische Analyse.

19 november 2020, | AtoZ Markets Crypto Bank steeg vandaagochtend tijdens de Aziatische sessie tegen de Amerikaanse dollar. De toonaangevende cryptocurrency raakte 18.450 dollar voor de openingsdag van New York en creëerde zo een nieuwe onderstebovenstaande voet in een assemblage die net met 60 procent is uitgebreid in het laatste kwartaal.

Ondertussen, zijn marktkapitaal dat naar $315 miljard wordt gesloten, enkel $20 miljard ver weg van zijn oogst van alle tijden die in December 2017 wordt geregeld. Bitcoin handelt momenteel rond $17.900 gebied en ziet weerstand onder ogen rond $17.900 tot $18.000 gebied. Volgens de huidige prijsactie kan de prijs de komende dagen teruggaan naar het dynamische niveau van 20 EMA op de daily chart.

Bitcoin Klimmen boven als investeerders zijn optimistisch

BTC handelt momenteel rond $17.900 gebied en probeert de keerzijde te duwen. Bovendien brak de prijs gisteren boven $18.000 gebied, maar slaagde er niet in om verder te gaan en daalde.

Beeld: Bitcoin 4 uur grafiek

Volgens de 4 uur durende grafiek klom Bitcoin boven en woonde hij momenteel in de buurt van $17.900 gebied. Volgens de huidige koersactie, als de koers een impulsieve bearish kaars kan hebben die dicht bij $18.000 tot $17.900 gebied ligt, kunnen de beren weer in beweging komen en dalen naar $17.000 tot $16.800 gebied als eerste koersdoelwit.

Het tweede target zal $16.000 tot $15.800 gebied zijn als de koers in de komende dagen onder $17.000 tot $16.800 gebied breekt.

Bovendien ligt het dynamische niveau van 20 EMA momenteel onder de prijs. Het kan een sterke steun zijn om de prijs op te drijven. De beren kunnen echter weer in een stroomversnelling komen als de prijs onder het dynamische niveau in het proces kan breken. Ook zijn de MACD-lijnen momenteel boven het 0,00-niveau en kunnen ze een bearish cross-over hebben. Dit geeft aan dat de beren de komende dagen weer in een stroomversnelling kunnen komen.

BTC mag terug naar het gemiddelde

Volgens de daggrafiek is Bitcoin hierboven gestegen omdat de beleggers in het laatste kwartaal optimistisch zijn. Volgens het huidige scenario, als de prijs een impulsieve dagelijkse bearish kaars kan hebben die dicht bij $18.000 tot $17.900 gebied ligt, kunnen de beren weer in een stroomversnelling komen en teruggaan naar $16.000 tot $15.800 support level.

Dus, als de prijs terugkeert naar $16.000 tot $15.800 gebied en opwaarts stuitert met een impulsieve bullish kaars dicht, kan Bitcoin de bullish trend voortzetten naar $17.900 tot $18.000 gebied als eerste koersdoel. Het tweede doelwit zal $19.000 tot $19.200 gebied zijn als de prijs boven $17.900 tot $18.000 gebied breekt met een dagelijkse bullish close in het proces.

Beeld: Bitcoin Dagkaart

Bovendien ligt het dynamische niveau van 20 EMA momenteel onder de prijs. Samen met de Kijun-lijn en de Tenkan-lijn. Dus, het dynamische niveau kan de prijs naar beneden trekken als een gemiddelde terugval. Bovendien kunnen de Kijun-lijn en de Tenakan-lijn de komende dagen werken als een samenvloeiing van het dynamische niveau.

Tot slot kan de Bitcoin-rally nog verder opwaarts gaan, maar er is wel een retracement nodig naar het dynamische niveau toe. Een dagelijkse afsluiting is nodig om het definitieve momentum in de komende dagen vast te stellen.

Bitcoin overgår aksjer og gulltrykkende kryptomarked høyere

Bitcoins forførelse av vanlige investorer fortsetter ettersom en ny rapport antyder at det er en eiendel som gir bedre resultater enn aksjer og gull.

Kort fortalt

  • Bitcoin skyver forbi $ 16000 når det overgår aksjer og gull.
  • Ethereum led en kort hard gaffel, men prisene fortsatte å klatre.
  • Aksjemarkeder hadde en blandet dag da USA ikke klarer å stoppe økende COVID-saker.

Det var nok en sterk dag på kryptomarkedene da forskning fremhevet Bitcoins markedsslåtte ytelse sammenlignet med tradisjonelle aksjer og aksjer.

I følge et notat fra analyseselskapet Messari, gir Bitcoin i forhold til eiendom, aksjer, gull og obligasjoner en høyere avkastning over en fireårsperiode.

Bitcoins lave korrelasjon med andre aktivaklasser har gjort det til en stadig mer attraktiv eiendel å kompensere for tap som er sett i andre deler av investorens porteføljer, sa Mira Christanto, forfatteren av Messari-rapporten.

Rapporten bemerket fornyet interesse fra statlige formuer og pensjonsfond, og konkluderte med at „de har realisert denne muligheten og har begynt nye tildelingsstrategier for å maksimere langsiktig verdi.“

Nyhetene hjalp krypto globalt markedsverdi til å registrere sin fjerde dag i vekst. Prisene steg 2,58% det siste døgnet. Bitcoin tok et sunt hopp opp med en 4,35% økning, takket være sin økning i $ 16.000 i skrivende stund.

Bitcoin Futures-sentiment holdt seg sterkt i „kjøp“ -kategorien, da kontrakter kjøpt i USD, EUR og japansk yen alle var i det grønne. Ethereum så bare marginale gevinster da nettverket fikk en uventet hard gaffel, etter at Infura krasjet.

Flere børser suspenderte ERC20-uttakstjenester. Men handelsmenn trakk på skuldrene og presset prisen så langt som $ 476, før de slo seg ned på $ 460-tallet.

Den plutselige bevegelsen presset Ethereum til å sveve rundt sin heltid for 2020, og tilførte ytterligere drivstoff til kryptos akselererende okseløp.

Tech Aksjer slåss tilbake

Det var en blandet dag i markedene. S & P, Dow og Nasdaq Futures er alle nede i tidlig europeisk handel etter at den teknisk-sentriske Nasdaq så et comeback etter tre dager med investorer som tjente ut tech-aksjer til fordel for gode kjøp andre steder. Men den trenden ser ut til å ha stoppet, ettersom aksjene i FAANG-aksjene kom seg tilbake, med Apple opp 3% i dagens handel.

Den innledende hubris rundt vaksinehåp ser ut til å ha blitt erstattet med den strengere virkeligheten at det fortsatt er en lang vei å gå til økonomier kan operere med full kapasitet. I USA har daglige tilfeller av COVID holdt seg hardt over 100 000-tallet siden 4. november, og truer med å lamme økonomien lenge før en vaksine kan distribueres over hele landet.

Det er nå 21,5 millioner amerikanere på dagpenger, og med de beste estimatene som setter en landsdekkende utrulling av en vaksine et sted rundt påske, må handelsmenn trå varsomt i månedene som kommer.